Association of 16mm narrow gauge Modellers

Kent Area Group


August 2016

A collection was held by the group in Bruce Flaxman's memory, this raised in total £340. The money was split equally between the two charities nominated by the family, Meningitis Now and The Wisdom Hospice. Also during their garden meet on 24th July Colin and Nance had a collection for Cancer Research in Bruce's memory, this raised £50.

On 31st July a small team took Bob Gibbs' Ranscombe Lawn layout to Herne Bay Pier to show off our steam locos. The Pier is now a very popular local venue on a sunny Sunday afternoon so we received lots of interest from the public. I seemed to spend all day explaining that the locos weren't electric, they burned gas to make steam, that is what is coming out of the chimney. The Herne Bay trust were very helpful, thanks also to Bob for supplying the track, John for transporting it and Ian and Michael for bringing locos to run.


The following dates have been booked for indoor meetings in 2017:

  • 28th January
  • 25th February
  • 25th March
  • 22nd April

May 2016

A few things to cover this month, some successes, some thanks, track and 3 garden meets


Congratulations are due to Ken Munday, who achieved a Highly Commended in the Rolling Stock Class of Model of the Year at Peterborough for his Snailbeach Hopper Wagons Congratulations are also due to Tony Willmouth who won first prize of an ELR Hunslet in the Association Draw at Peterborough


A big thank you to Tim Gregson who has got our new web-site up and running at If you haven't already seen it, do have a look, all the dates for this year and some very pretty pictures

Track available

Following re-modelling of his 32mm line Alan Leslie  has approximately 20 yards of used Tenmille  32mm track available for sale. If anyone is interested please contact him

Hopfields Trailer

Undercover storage has been found for the Hopfields trailer in Chartham for the summer. However I am still looking to move it to the Medway Towns/Higham Area for the winter. So if any thoughts occur do get in touch


Webmaster Tim Gregson is always on the lookout for good photos for the web-site, so if you take anything at a garden meet over the summer that you think would suit, please forward to Tim, Tim has final say as to whether the pictures are used or not

Also Colin Hand will be submitting the quarterly write-up for the Bulletin, so if you have any suitable photos for him then send them through


Three garden meets this month, please contact your host before attending

  • Sunday 8th May 2pm William Tinkler, Grafty Green, nr Maidstone, 45mm track
  • Sunday 22nd May 1pm Ken Munday, Densole nr Folkestone 32mm track
  • Monday 30th May 2pm Diane and Paul Sutton, Chartham, nr Canterbury, 32mm track

April 2016

The first item of news is that the changeover to the new committee looking after the Kent 16mm group has happened. Below is a list of posts and responsibilities:

  • Chairman - Diane Sutton, main contact point for group, organising shows, keeping lists of meetings,
  • Vice-Chairman - Colin Hand, preparing quarterly write-up for the bulletin. If you have any photos that you think might be suitable for the bulletin, please send to Colin
  • Treasurer - Adrian Banks
  • Webmaster - Tim Gregson, also keeps the mailing list up-to-date
  • Brian Sellars - stores and maintains Hopfields scenery
  • Tony Willmouth - Track Wrangler, does fishplates and cleans the track
  • David Trelfer - deputy trailer packer

For those of you that missed it, we had a small presentation for Bruce Flaxman and Alan Leslie at the final Gravesend meet, they have stepped down from their roles after 12/13 years of work for the group, Bruce looked after Hopfields and did the Accounts, Alan did everything else. So thank you to Bruce and Alan.


The one thing we have not yet managed is to find covered storage for the Hopfields trailer. It is currently on my drive, quite safe, but out in all weathers. If someone could store it from now until mid-July it would be appreciated. Paul wants to put brakes on it, but realistically won't have time until then. So if you know of a farmer with a dry barn, or a widow up the road who isn't using a garage or anywhere else we can store the trailer for the next 3 months, do get in touch.

Finally, we currently have no garden meets in August, so any volunteers?